Tips to pass the PCE - written Component

Passing the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) could be stressful for some physiotherapy graduates and international physiotherapists.
Here are some tips to pass your PCE exam:

1. Differential diagnosis
knowing to differentiate between each case is an essential part of the PCE exam. Know what is unique for each condition. It helps you to choose the correct answer in the exam and exclude wrong choices.

2. Complication and precaution First
It is important to know the complication that might happen in each case. Learning the signs and symptoms of each complication helps you to identify them. Then, learn specific strategies to treat them.

3- Study with a partner
Having a partner helps you be on your track and can encourage you during your journey. It is hard to memorize everything, but studying with a partner allows you to study for your PCE a habit and refine your patient interaction, assessment, and treatment skills daily.

4- Choose a good resource
Studying from too many textbooks and resources could waste your time and distract you. Try to choose a specialized Canadian resource for your preparation journey.

If you are looking for a Canadian resource before your PCE Exam - check out our Canadian-based innovation book. 

The Complete PCE Preparation Guidance - Written Component – Future Physio - PCE Exam Preparation Class